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Over the past several weeks, I’ve really been reflecting on my year. This year. 2020. What a year! We all have really felt the varied stages of emotions that have come with this rollercoaster ride of year. From the excited anticipation as we were strapping in for the ride, to the nerves and cautiousness as we slowly progressed up the first incline and ultimately the vomit inducing winding loops that seem to never end. It’s been a tough one — to say the least. In spite of all of that, I really wanted to take stock of this time. …

Mother’s Day feels a little less happy in the age of COVID-19

Photo of my family in our masks. The new normal.

This is my 7th Mother’s Day as a mother. For some reason this year the celebration feels less deserved than previous years. This pandemic has brought with it an extra dose of “mommy guilt.”

Like moms around the world, I’ve been granted more time with my little love at home. The extra time we always ask for that our working lives don’t always permit. While that has been wonderful, the added responsibility of working from home, becoming my child’s teacher and staying in tune with the other physical and emotional…

Sometimes surviving isn’t enough. On my sister’s birthday I honor her and shine a light on mental health issues.

I took this photo of my sister when we were on a ferry ride from Spain to Morocco in January 2017.

If we all were being honest with ourselves, we saw this coming. It was like reading a predictable novel with all the foreshadowing an author could muster, yet we still weren’t prepared for the ending. We were not prepared. But how could we be?

Shelly, my eldest sister, died by suicide a year ago — just two days shy of her 50th birthday. She was everyone’s rock. And unfortunately none of us could be the same for her. From a very young age she would strap our entire immediate family on her back — including our parents — and trudge…

Redefining Home

*Read part I here*

Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash

I sat at the small wooden dining table that was nestled on a patch of linoleum flooring between the kitchen and the carpeted living room. It was a November evening in New England, so it was pretty dark outside and the only lighting in the house was the fixture above me. It felt like a spotlight was on me. I watched as the activity buzzed around me, coming in and out of the light. I was having what felt like an of out-of-body experience.

From the outside I looked engaged but internally there was a storm…

Thunder: Intimately Intricate & The Writing Cooperative Contest

Halloween, 1997. Those are my hands placing a Witch hat on Thunder. This photo was taken by Auntie.

“Bzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz” I watched from my bed as my silver flip phone vibrated and danced across my computer desk, almost falling off the edge. The caller ID read “Auntie.” I knew why she was calling.

“Thunder’s gone,” she managed to say, her voice cracking. It was clear she had been crying.

Thunder was the part Labrador, part Pitt Bull dog that had been in our family since I was seven years old — 12 years of my life. She had developed cancer and had been in pain for quite a while, so the best decision at the time was to…

At 13, I had no idea saying”yes” would change my life forever

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Auntie ignored me for the next couple of days leading up to my departure.

She hasn’t been handling this whole thing too well, understandably so. In my mind I was going to tell her it had nothing to do with her. That I was nervous as hell. That I really needed her guidance. But at the age of 13, I could not articulate that without those temporary speech impediments that usually occurred when I was nervous or emotional.

I was moving in with my biological mother.

Two days earlier, accompanied by my Aunt’s older cousin — who I lovingly called…

A series about music & the memories it evokes

“These Three Words” by Stevie Wonder

From the opening notes of this song, I am instantly transported to my childhood. It’s early morning and time to get ready for school and work. Auntie and Uncle are buzzing around upstairs and the air smells like mouthwash. The radio is on 98.7 KISS FM— I think it’s connected to one of their wake up alarms. Remember those brown digital clock/radios from the 90s? You know the one.

Back then you could call the station to have them wish your loved ones a happy birthday and dedicate a song to…

A series about music & the memories it evokes

“You Remind Me” by Mary J. Blige

Music can easily spark nostalgia or memories — good and bad. You remember where you were when you first heard that classic song. That love song you played on repeat for days after your first heartbreak, is forever imprinted on your brain. Tapping into that nostalgia, while reflecting on how great artists and music impact our lives is the goal of this blog. I’ll deep dive into songs that evoke my own funny, embarrassing, inspiring and painful memories. …

Car rides are my fondest memories with my Dad

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

Beautiful, sunny days always flood my mind with memories. Memories of the countless drives. The long drives and conversations about anything from music, to history to current events to black culture. All while we marveled at nature or the changes in the city we were driving through. As I blare Grover Washington’s “Mister Magic” or any Bob Marley song in my car alone, it brings it all back. I picture myself in the passenger seat, looking at him in admiration and pride as we travel to a destination unknown.

These are…

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